Youssef Kamal

Youssef Kamal, is a young passionate engineer who gained endless experience through his active participation in the universal challenging activities. He is a very active member in the society being engaged in several social activities around the world such as climate change mitigation conferences, cultural exchange programs, and community service activities. Yousef is one of […]

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Hosni El-Shahawi

Hosni El-Shahawi, is a young businessman in the construction sector who is running his family business. He has graduated from MSA University, Faculty of Architectural Engineering and accomplished his PMP certification. Hosni is one of Lebaladna’s co-founders who has started serving the community since 2006. Professional Career: CEO, El Shahawi Group Managing Director, Premix Concrete […]

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Engy Mansour

Engy Mansour, who has been an active member in her community since her childhood, is the founder of Lebaladna development foundation. She has graduated from MSA University, faculty of Architectural Engineering and pursued her MBA in Edinburgh Business School- Heriot- Watt University shifting her career from. Followed by a career shift, she proceeded with specialization […]

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Ahmed Nabil

Ahmed Nabil, is a talented engineer and young persistent community leader who has proven an outstanding resilience and determination in his field of specialization. Ahmed graduated with honors from Cairo University, faculty of engineering to pursue his passion in giving back to the community. He worked as a teaching assistant passing on his knowledge to […]

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متوقفش الخير عندك

This campaign  is a thoughtful initiative by Lebaladna Development Foundation in cooperation with Pepsico Egypt, a call to bring Egyptians together in a day of sharing equal happiness. On that day, Egyptians will all speak the same language: the language of genuine happiness. We believe that happiness does not lie in the money nor the […]

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نسيهم البرد

At the beginning of every winter, Lebaladna initiates a massive blankets distribution campaign to several underprivileged areas across Cairo and its suburbs to protect those with less luck from the freezing cold. In 2017, Lebaladna distributed 12,000 blankets to underprivileged people in more than 10 areas across Cairo and other governorates such as Fayoum, Qena,Menya, […]

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Ramadan Campaign

The essence of Lebaladna primarily revolves around Ramadan, the holy ambiance and kheir deeds associated with it, it’s where the story began and the passion arose for the co-founders and passed on to endless generations to come. It relates to Lebaladna’s debut cooking and packing tenth of meals in friends and relatives houses and distributing […]

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