According to the CIA World Factbook, almost 75% of the world’s 775 million illiterate adults are concentrated in ten countries  and on top of these countries is Egypt.


Instead of being the future hope of the country, Egyptian children suffer from vigorous life circumstances that force them to alter their path in life and be in charge of sustaining their families and generating income since young age. Such turnover results in one of the highest school dropout rates followed by the highest child labor rates in the world. And because Lebaladna understand the value of a child in changing the future of a country and how critical the development of a child can be, two educational projects were initiated to increase the quality of formal and non-formal education for underprivileged children and elders. These programs are designed to increase the degree of the children and their families’ community involvement and societal integration as well. Moreover, Lebaladna launched a vocational training program to teach our families in slums various skills.


Children Education

Providing different slum areas with the educational infrastructure necessary to provide children with the ground level of skills, ethics and capabilities to impose a positive role in their society and ensure their own financial sustainability that will late on pour in the favor of personal safety and security of every inhabitant.
Also, in a thoughtful initiative to promote good spirit prior to school year, Lebaladna distributes school uniforms and supply to the underprivileged children of Mansheyet Nasser.  


Elders Education

Wiping out illetracy for our families in slums is a crucial factor in developing our country. These individuals will help their kids to excel in their tasks and will recognize the importance of being educated.


Vocational Training

This project aims at minimizing the gap between the products developed by Egyptians and the market needs through a fully integrated development program teaching them various hand crafts.


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