Ramadan Campaign

The essence of Lebaladna primarily revolves around Ramadan, the holy ambiance and kheir deeds associated with it, it’s where the story began and the passion arose for the co-founders and passed on to endless generations to come. It relates to Lebaladna’s debut cooking and packing tenth of meals in friends and relatives houses and distributing to needy people in the surrounding quarters and streets. The number of meals increased yearly from 10 to 400 and kept increasing till reaching 390,000 meals by Ramadan 2017 and reaching a new scale of operational expansion attracting different categories and age groups of volunteers all chose to stand hand in hand helping those in need.

Ramadan Project is an initiative from Lebaladna in attempt to contribute in solving the major social problems different factions of the Egyptian society are facing varying among hunger, lack of sustainable income, low education level and lack of minimum life requirements, provisions and standards. The biggest part of the project is not only dedicated to fulfill the basic provisions of the underprivileged Egyptians but also to spread the Kheir spirit by organizing multiple charity activities along the holy month.

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