Lebaladna is a development and charitable foundation founded by a group of youth who had the pure intention of improving country through social work and community service.


Lebaladna started building upon individual efforts since 2006, engaging in small scale charity activities until reaching a massive sustainable scale of impact running ten sustainable major projects with solid business plans aiming to improve the education, health, shelter and welfare of the population in addition to plenty of Micro-finance projects while holding more than tenth of charity & development activities and events all through the year. These projects are distributed all over the country from Cairo to Aswan led by passionnate volunteers within three active Models; Lebaladna Cairo Impact Creators, Lebaladna Aswan Impact Creators, and Lebaladna Juniors (high school students).


Lebaladna’s debut was in Ramadan of 2006 where the first charitable activity was held which is cooking, packing and distributing “Iftar meals” for underprivileged people, then we started expanding and introducing  diverse charitable activities like buying clothes for orphans in the feast and school uniforms before the scholar year, helping orphaned and underprivileged girls in getting married, covering their urgent operations and supporting unprivileged in paying their debts and rents ending by distributing more than 2500 meals per day during Ramadan 2017.


In 2008 we decided to take the step of establishing our valuable Foundation “Lebaladna” after a lot of work, tremendous time, and effort. Supported by Dr. Nawal El-Degwi, a prominent and distinguished figure in the field of education in Egypt and the Middle East, our dream came true on the 27th of Ramadan (15th September 2010) when we took the governmental approval to officially start our non-governmental organization “ Lebaladna “; Lebaladna foundation for Social and Civic Development was declared under decree #3741, Giza, in 2010.


The year 2013 was transformational for Lebaladna, when we developed our first professional volunteering model “Lebaladna Impact Creators” that consists of 5 functional teams and a projects’ team. The team was composed of passionate undergraduate volunteers who were leading all the charity and development activities of the foundation.

In 2017, we developed two new models. Lebaladna Juniors that is a sub model of Lebaladna Impact Creators whom are young individuals who seek creating mutual impact by going through a self-development journey while giving back to the community. It’s the door for every high school student who wants to explore his/her natural talents and develop them. On the other hand, Lebaladna Impact Creators Model was replicated in Aswan to duplicate the impact and spread the good deeds.