Lebaladna was founded with the goal to give, help, and to take part in reducing the inequalities that plague our society. Through its various projects, Lebaladna does not only seek to provide education, health care, shelter and food supply to Egypt’s underprivileged communities, it also aims to emphasize the links that hold different factions of Egyptian society together. As a social development foundation, Lebaladna focuses on the key pillars that contribute in reforming the infrastructure of Egypt which are:



Food Supply


Micro Finance


 How we do it


Lebaladna operations are fully supported with a well established organizational structure having 5 strategic functions working in synergy to break down the reformation to concrete plans and sustainable projects. Our value proposition does not  stop at holding charity events and development projects to the underprivileged population; Lebaladna offers personal development opportunities to its members as well, contributing in making an indirect impact onto the Egyptian society by allowing them the opportunity to work in one ofthe functions that supports Lebaladna’s operations offering them real life experiences and enhancing their areas of expertise in different fields like crowd funding, marketing, human resources, project management and supply chain.