Generally, there is a common belief that the most effective stage for building and developing a strong individual character is during the years of attending college. As young social entrepreneurs, we realized that we should start the development journey at an earlier stage. The Juniors Program is specially built for high school students and it aims to implant values of social responsibility towards their community and to develop their skills.

What is the juniors Program?

The Juniors Program was launched in 2017 as a sub-model of Lebaladna Impact Creators. It provides opportunities for students to explore and develop their talents and skills, while simultaneously benefiting the community. Our main goal is to create a mutual impact through a self-development journey for the students while giving back to the community.

What do the juniors do?

The Juniors Program is currently walking through two main tracks; the first focuses on cultivating the value of social responsibility by engaging the juniors in the projects, events, and activities of Lebaladna, and, in that manner, being a part of the planning, organizing and implementation process. Each junior is assigned to a team/sector and is required to attend meetings, submit tasks and conduct visits.






The second track is more concerned with the juniors’ development, as investing in the future generation is one of our goals. We provide training opportunities and workshops for each junior, which teach them the basic soft skills they would need in their practical life. This is in addition to offering workshops related to their personal interests and hobbies, which we believe will turn them to professionals in the fields they’re passionate about. We also hold orientations for different faculties allowing them to explore various specializations and to choose their careers.


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Our Teams


1) Engagement and Tracking:  Responsible for distributing the juniors among the 5 sectors of Lebaladna, making sure that the juniors understand the process of each team and tracking the development of the juniors’ skills after going through each rotation.


2) Trainings & Projects:  Responsible for providing suitable trainings/workshops to improve the soft and technical skills of the juniors according to their needs and interests. Also responsible for preparing the big challenge/project at the end of the year in order to have the juniors apply the experience they have gained throughout the journey.


3) Marketing & Production: Responsible for building and managing Lebaladna’s social media profiles, including Facebook and other platforms. Also explores new ways to engage our targeted audience, does brainstorming to develop ideas for creative marketing campaigns and encourages marketing teammates to collaborate on creating the design and content of our website (blogs, social media assets and more). The team creates templates for the content being posted on social media, our blog, emails, and other channels, and records meetings, events and projects by taking photos to update our audience with all the processes taking place.


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