Overview and History

overview history

Lebaladna foundation for Social and Civic Development was declared under decree #3741, Giza, in 2010. The foundation was founded by Dr. Nawal El Degwi, a prominent and distinguished figure in the field of education in Egypt and the Middle East.It all started as a dream, a dream of making a change; adding a value, and changing people’s lives through our inner passion that everything is possible by God’s will. 

We believe that while serving others to make their lives better, you will always gradually learn how to be more qualified to serve them. Year after year, we see our vision more clear, and our steps are cumulatively building the dream...

Our first activity took place in 2006, when we spontaneously decided to cook meals for Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan. Working in the kitchen of one of Lebaladna’s founders, we managed to distribute hundreds of meals across the city. Thrilled by our ability to make a difference, however small, in the lives of other Egyptians, we set out to expand our operations. Our projects have ranged from cooking and distributing meals in Ramadan, to helping students return to school, to distributing blankets across the country, among many others.

In 2008, despite the tremendous obstacles, we decided to formally establish Lebaladna as a foundation. Our dream came true on the 27th of Ramadan (15th September, 2010) when we finally got the governmental approval to officially begin. The continuous support of each and every member, friend, volunteer, and supporter has consistently pushed us forward.

In 2013, In parallel with creating a positive impact on the Egyptian society, Lebaladna started  integrating a well-established organizational voluntary structure to ensure a sustained organizational development and societal impact throughout the future years.

In 2016, It was the step to go for development projects and programs that have the long term sustainable impact on society, hand in hand with the charity support and events.

In 2018, Lebaladna started to begin its first step towards practical integration with MSA University and Dar Al-Tarbiah Schools through Community based learning and purpose driven education approaches that will create the right framework for the dream of formulating reality of educational social Responsibility Model. 

So far, Lebaladna family has proved that when there is a dream, a strong will and commitment to serve others, then the impossible can be achieved.

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