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The heroes of "for Baladna" today are the volunteer teams themselves, the volunteer membership body. Over the past years, we reached 300 main volunteer members in our country, without whom we would not have been able
"The conditions during the Corona period are difficult and the people's need has increased ... What will we do and how will we work?"
10 of our men were astonished by us and were able to prepare more than 1000 meals, and this is our Lebaladna candidiate who always met the challenge, and the one that comes the most
Thanks to our 2019-2020 1st Quarter Best Members for such inspiration you gave us to believe that we will always be ready to serve our community.
| Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Ramadan 2019 Team

Without the diligence and fatigue of all our volunteers in all teams, we could not help thousands of people who support them in the needs of Ramadan.
Behind each of the heroes of our country is an unknown soldier who is certified in their capabilities and role in changing our society for the better,
We are used to a lot that charity is an amount that goes to those who deserve it .. and dozens of ways facilitate this very much during this period .. But development in our society needs the most important need ..
| Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Kholoud Badwy

Our heroine is Kholoud Badawi .. From her first day with the packing team for years, she is planning to improve the team and organize the implementation of the Ramadan kitchen atmosphere in
The heroes are not always have to be known or known to the people, and their assistance and participation is not always can be measured, but their presence and arrangements are something that is essential in the first place.
The least thing in your hands that gives you will have a big impact in the hearts of people.
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