Mousa Mizar Charity Event 2022



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| Monday, 10 January 2022 |

Mousa Mizar Charity Event 2022

"Consider others as yourself".The feeling of preferring others over yourself is much greater than that you are merely putting the consumer in your closet A lesson we would like to learn with the equipment of each clothing exhibition, is when we find a large number of donated pieces in sorting, they will be in perfect condition.


شعور تفضيل غيرك على نفسك اعظم بكتير من انك مجرد بتفضي المستهلك في دولابك
درس حنفضل نتعلمه مع تجهيزات كل معرض ملابس، لما نلاقي في الفرز عدد كبير من القطع المتبرع بيها بتكون في حالة ممتازة


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