We Are Your Voice - احنا صوتك

| Thursday, 30 May 2019 |

We Are Your Voice - احنا صوتك

A new experience .. a unique experience.Familiar with the EVENT, meaning a voice, speech and whisper in every moment from every side in the place where the EVENT is executed.

But, "we are your voice", event in which the same spirit and communication were created, but in completely different ways .. The truth of the matter is that we were the most beneficiaries of this event, and we communicate in completely new ways for us, with many strong meanings trying to convey it without a single letter saying it.

The diversity of our EVENT partners is the main reason for the success of the EVENT ... and each partner has a different role

We thank the Egyptian Foundation for Deaf Rights and the Syndicate of Sign Language Interpreters for teaching us to master communication techniques effectively

Thank you team, "صوتهم في ايديهم", for your enthusiasm to implement an important part of your project in a practical way with us through the event

Thanks to the Silhouette team for the silent Paskalia presentation that summed up the whole meaning in a unique artistic scene

Never think that being deaf is a disadvantage, it's the gift of being able to express and communicate on another level of deepness ... Language is not words

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