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| Wednesday, 30 June 2021 |

Do you want to join Lebaladna?

If you want to join Lebaladna but you’re wondering which team you would fit in with, we’ll make it easier for you. Take this simple quiz to get an idea of which sector, function or program that suits your personality and skills and will help you further develop them.


لو عايز تبقى جزء من لبلدنا بس محتار تنضم في أي فريق .. الكويز ده هيسهلها عليك عشان تعرف ايه الsector أو ال function أو ال Program اللي يناسبوا شخصيتك ومهارتك وهيساعدوك تطورهم أكتر.


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